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How To Get Rich: A 8-Step Blueprint For Success In 2018!

Many people seek to increase their incomes and enter the world of the rich, with the goal of achieving many dreams, living happily and well being, which motivates them to work hard and find other ways to increase their money, such as participating in all forms or entering as partners with some of the rich in Some factories and businesses.

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How To Become Rich


Planning is the first step in trying to achieve wealth. Planning for a financial life starts by saving a portion of your monthly income, putting it in a bank account, transferring it to another currency and placing it in a place where it is difficult to reach, preferably at least 10% Your monthly salary.

Focus on cash flow investments

It helps to save money in order to invest in contributing to and participating in projects or buying real estate, and then selling them in the future at a higher price. It is possible to purchase a piece of land for a small amount, then leave it for several years and sell it for a larger amount.

Buy and sell in time

 Taking the useful information related to the things to invest in, to make sure that they can be used in the future, and then sell them in a timely manner, which the price increases.

Stay away from religion

 Avoid debt to buy a commodity such as a car, away from riba-based loans, because it will not help to collect and make money, it is preferable not to buy personal property on installments, to avoid any sudden circumstances in the future.

Choose friends

Spending time with negative people will turn you into a passive person over time, so it’s a good idea to stay away from passive people in your life, because they usually kill your ambition and lessen your resolve, so it’s a good idea to endorse the positive people who support you to reach your goal.

Learn about financial culture

 Read books and articles on how to get rich like Bitcoin Code APP, and about investment rules and assets, as well as follow the economic news bulletin rather than serials, songs, trying to change lifestyle, style of thinking.

Diversification of investment

Avoid relying on one way of investing, investing to find another source of income, and getting ready with more than one plan to face any financial bump.

Living less than potential

 Stay away from paying all your salary as soon as you get it, as the debt is linked to the exchange rate and not the value of the salary, it is possible to economize excessively to avoid it.

Note: Another way to become wealthy is by reducing expenses to increase saved money, using it to diversify sources of income, and trying to think about starting a special job, because the employer grows and develops, while the employee adapts to work in exchange for the salary to live.

7 Figure Cycle reviews
7 Figure Cycle reviews

Learn How to Get Rich In 2018

I had a long wait and was waiting for my turn to charge for my purchases at the library. What I noticed is the title of a best-selling book that Jarir’s bookstore used to publish. It was titled “How to Become Rich in Your Own Way” and since then I have not read a book about it. Did you need this book?

I had a strong desire at that time to own a small house to register in my own name and monarchy, either on the sea I loved, or in one of the cold heights that made me so rich and tolerant. I would be naïve – perhaps – if I waited for my husband to become so rich that he would give me a gift of an elegant summer house as I would like, after tasting it for the fancy pies Which mastered its manufacture.

When I was in the middle stage, I remembered the famous book How to Become a Millionaire, which was one of the first books I chose myself to read and I was in the middle stage because my father often chose us books according to his will when we were young and read with this book within the same series of personal charm, But the rest did not change anything in my life, especially how to become a millionaire. I still think that the value of money brings us right away rather than what we expect. We need it in the future, and I think most People are buying on themselves and their dependents to raise money to help them in the future for a better life, so the children will not enjoy it, but will treasure it for their children when they grow up to enjoy it in the future, and thus the money will remain congested without the benefit of a father or son until a grandson comes to spoil what is mean and corrupt. Fathers gathered in a few years

I always see the thinking that leads me who will never become rich – because those who are tired to make a fortune is the most deserving people to enjoy it, it is OK to leave what helps the children to a good life that makes them live a decent life after him has recommended the Prophet peace be upon him, but not that And he and his wife for the sake of the children’s future in the future, the children made the effort to make themselves what they aspire to when my son was in the fifth grade and he likes to read like me, this book was one of the most exciting books he felt that the opportunity of wealth for people is available to a number of people the number of copies of the book He would like to absorb the ideas in The book, as he was expected to become a little older to begin the implementation of the early stages of wealth, which is due to not being rich in the middle stage of his aunt, which borrowed from this book did not return to him, does not understand why his aunt lazy to apply what in the book where he feels it does not She is still among ordinary people.

The concept of wealth is different from one person to another and from study to study, some consider that wealth is getting a lot of money. Some people also see that wealth is the possession of money and the saver is superfluous. Others consider that wealth is the possession of a large number of physical properties such as buildings, factories, Another aspect is not that wealth is seen as material, but that wealth is seen as having health, wellness, peace of mind and stability.

Whatever the difference of material wealth or something else, everyone is seeking, but a large proportion consider the material aspect Vjthdon all their abilities and tendencies to collect the largest income possible and this leads them to the material wealth they aspire to.